Remembrance Poetry Suggestions, Comments and Contributions


Remembrance button Clicking “Remembrance Poetry” will take you to a substantial collection of poems that may be suitable for Remembrance Events. It is in the main pages of the War Poetry Website.

This page: I am hoping that the many visitors to this website will take the opportunity to use this page to  share poems they admire or have written or to write about ways they have organised events or to make any other comment on the topic.  - David Roberts, Website Editor.

Remembrance Poetry  -  Reader suggestions, comments and contributions

Join the worldwide community of people involved in preparing Remembrance Events, and the many thousands affected and moved by loss in war, by sharing your suggestions for poems. This can include poems already published on the war poetry website as this can help people speed through their search for poems amongst the many that are on offer.

“Leave a reply”  (the last option at the foot of this page) links to a space where you

  • can suggest titles and authors of poems which you recommend.
  • Where you can enter the text of poems that you have written. (Please add your name or a pen name. Background information about the inspiration for the poem is always welcome.)
  • Where you can enter the text of remembrance poems that are no longer in copyright. Please name the authors (and date if known).
  • You can also comment on poems that you have particularly appreciated.

If you add a poem of your own you will continue to have full ownership of the copyright of the poem. When I receive requests for permission to use poems from the war poetry website in remembrance events or elsewhere I  always forward the requests to the authors for them to give their permission or not.

Clicking on “Leave a reply” will take you to a simple registration  and then you can write (or paste prepared material) ready for this page. You will be able to make changes and corrections before “submitting” your text directly to this page.

 David Roberts, Editor.