War poetry today

You can add your own war poem directly to the warpoetry website by using this page.

The page is for poetry based in some way on war experience or for poetry which expresses personal concern with war in the modern world.  Click in the  “Leave a reply” box at the bottom of this page and paste in your poem(s). I suggest you start with a title such as the war you are concerned with, or your name, or the title of the first poem you are adding.

There’s an easy and quick registration process just to prevent spammers. Your email address will never be passed on to someone else, but I will use it to contact you if someone makes a request to use one of your poems in some way.

Information about the poet or the experience or event that gave you the idea for the poem or series of poems is always welcome.

If you know the date the poem was written this might be added too. The copyright of the poem belongs to the author.

Click on “Post comment” when you have added your text.

David Roberts, Website editor.